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Katy Spring Performance Rating Summary 2008

  2008 surveys are in and we have the results here! 

Thank you to everyone who participated this year.

Katy Spring was evaluated in 4 major areas, ON TIME DELIVERY, QUALITY, SERVICE, and PRICING.
We also asked for an over-all satisfaction rating.

  The highest number possible was a 1 (very satisfied); the lowest was 3 (not satisfied).  The average was compiled from the surveys, and these are the results:  
  • QUALITY – 1.0
  • SERVICE – 1.16
  • PRICING – 1.38


  Here are some additional comments:  

-Katy Spring provides a quality product that meets my requirements. the only area that would better meet my needs is the pricing on items with smaller quantities. As far as the larger quantities are concerned, the rpricing is where it needs to be.
Scott B. Oilfield Valves


-Keep up the good work.
Margie G. Pneumatic Motors


"We appreciate you taking care of us"
Don R. 
Oilfield Products


-Katy Spring has been a great company to do business with.


-We have a few problems with certs and shipping-other than ordered quantity but overall service and 
performance are first rate.
Combustion Technologies


-Easy to deal with... and customer service is great!
George G.
Valve Products


-We appreciate you as a supplier.
Lisa K.
Compressor Parts


-Thanks for the great service, keep up the good work.
Larry J.
Hose and Tubing Assemblies


Great Job!!! Keep up the good work!!!
Kevin S.
Truck Assemblies


“ Since we began working with Scott Pitney & Katy Spring we have had very good technical support, quality parts, fair pricing & on-time deliveries. Keep up the good work.”

Augie S.
Valve Products


“We are very satisfied with the service from Katy Spring. We have made Katy Spring our first choice for any of our spring requirements”

Tony S.
Aircraft Components


“Doing a great job. We are very pleased at the parts and pricing. You have allowed us to be more competitive in our market"



“Katy Spring has been awarded my last 2 spring blanket orders. Katy Spring could not have received the order based on lowest cost alone. Katy was competitive in pricing but also has had little or no quality rejects. Mark West is always very helpful in expediting dates that need to be moved up and rush orders”

Denise M.
Oilfield parts and equipment


“ Katy Spring does a great response time, and excellent customer service.  The pricing gets a 2 due to the fact that they come in a bit higher than other sources for similar items; however, efficiency and quality of product and service makes up for that”

Melissa T.
Game Products


“Katy Spring is by far one of our very best suppliers.  They have worked very well with us to help us meet our goals, thank you!”

Tony S.
Aerospace Valves


“Katy Spring has been very helpful and responsive to all our needs.”

Trey S.
Marine Products


“The only problem that I have had is not always receiving the material certs with the order.  That has only happened a few times and was quickly corrected with a faxed copy.  Both Scott and Mark have been very helpful and friendly.”

Denise M.
Oilfield Valves


“Scott, thanks for all your help and understanding of our specific needs in getting the rings as accurate as possible.”

Randy P.
Agricultural Products


-“I have the feeling you guy’s always try the best to serve us in the best possible way”
Joannes M. – Chemical Services


-“…I have no issues with delivery and the communication is great”
Regina B – Valves


“It was an all-around good experience dealing with your company-thanks”
Trevor R – Seals


-“To my knowledge (our company) has never had a problem with Katy Spring. I place the order and is filled as requested. Great Service."
John W. – Plumbing Parts


-“Great bunch of guys. I enjoy doing business with each and every one of them. Thanks for all your help!”
Tracey T – Oilfield Service Tools


-“I started working with Scott P. about 4 years ago, beginning with the (customer part) …”. Katy did a good job delivering low quantity protos that were high quality.”
Mike M. – Automotive


-“Answered our technical questions and was willing to work through our governmental requirements for orders which can be tedious”
Micah J. – Aircraft


Our goal requires a commitment to continuous improvement.  If we can be of assistance please contact us.

Thank you again and regards,

Scott Pitney

Katy Spring & Mfg., Inc.



Please send inquiries to: sales@katyspring.com
Ph. 281-391-1888

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