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Katy Spring Performance Rating Summary 2017


Thank you to everyone who participated this year.

Katy Spring was evaluated in 4 major areas, ON TIME DELIVERY, QUALITY, SERVICE, and PRICING. We also asked for an over-all satisfaction rating.
 1-Very Satisfied    2- Moderately Satisfied   3- Not Satisfied

The highest number possible was a 1 (very satisfied); the lowest was 3 (not satisfied). The average was compiled from the surveys, and these are the results: 
  • On time delivery - 1
  • QUALITY – 1.1
  • SERVICE – 1.0


  Here are some additional comments:  

“Katy Spring is a very good supplier and has helped us out many times with shortages”

Cathy H
Chemical Storage


“Katy Spring is doing very well for us…”

Jason K

Trucking Accessories



“Is has been a pleasure doing business with Katy Spring.  Keep up the good work.”

Ken H.

Sporting Goods


“Looking forward to many years of business together.  Quality people to quality parts.”

Leon H.

Metal Components


“Katy Spring products and services are terrific.  Thanks for all you do to keep our business running smoothly!”

Brenda T.

Pipe Handling Equipment


“Overall very satisfied with the service I receive from you guys.  I really appreciate the order acknowledgements telling me when to expect my product.”

Stephen D.

Down Hole Oilfield Tools


“Excellent customer service!  Thanks!”

Dianne D.

Drilling Equipment


“Katy Spring is always able to meet our needs and pull in orders whenever necessary.”

Terry F.

Safety Products


“Good job guys, keep up the good work!”

Karen R

Seal Products


“Thanks for the help”

Gerardo S.

Oil and Gas Components


“I appreciate the co-operation and service given by Katy.  Mark and Scott have always provided generous and timely info. And feedback when requested.”

Darryl S.

Chemical Processing


“Katy Spring continues to be the vendor of choice for our product and needs.”



“Customer service is great.  We had some issues with you meeting our packaging requirements but those were resolved.”

Aaron S.

Wellhead Systems



Please send inquiries to: sales@katyspring.com
Ph. 281-391-1888

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