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Press Release 10-6-2015

Katy Spring is pleased to announce two additions to Katy Spring’s growing fleet of spring manufacturing equipment; The MPK-20H Looping Machine and the Bennett Maxicoil MC-20 S.

Compression Springs

What does this mean to customers purchasing compression, extension and torsion springs that are produced from the new equipment?

MPK-20H Looping Machine:

- Faster set up times saves time and money.

- More extension spring looping capacity allows for improved lead times overall.

- Extension spring loops and hooks will have improved quality and repeatability.

What are the MPK 20H’s technical specifications? (note: these limitations apply to the MPK 20H only):

- Wire range: .315”-.625”
- Max spring OD: 1.575”-9.448”
- Loop Height: .40 – 1.00 x MD

Bennett Maxicoil MC-20 S:

- CNC set ups allow for faster set up times, saving time and money.

- More short-run (typically 1-50 pieces) capacity for compression, extension and torsion springs.

- CNC runs and set ups allow for improved quality and repeatability.

What are the Bennett Maxicoil MC-20’s technical specifications? (note: these limitations apply to the MC-20 only):

- Wire range: (subject to index): .625” max.
- Length: 39.37”
- Max. O.D.: 11.81”
- Max. Pitch: 5.91”

Scott Pitney
Sr. Vice President

Katy Spring & Mfg., Inc.
3535 Schlipf Road, Katy, Texas 77493
Phone: 281-391-1888 Fax: 281-391-0666


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