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Extension vs. Tension :  Compression vs. Helical
What is the difference?  Tension springs or a tension spring is basically the same as an extension spring or springs.  It doesn’t matter if they are large extension springs or small extension springs as has been implied, a tension spring supplier or tension spring manufacturer is just as equipped for 


What is a compression spring?:
The question, “what is a compression spring?” is asked many times by our customers, and is often referred to as a helical spring, a coil spring, or even a “bouncy spring.” .


Coil Springs and Their Uses | U.S.A. coil spring manufacturer:
Katy Spring & Mfg. takes coil spring raw material to manufacture coil springs. Coil Spring manufactures in the U.S.A. manufacture many varieties of coil springs including compression, extension, and torsion springs.


Helpful Tips for Buying Springs:
Helpful Tips for Buying Springs: The process to help produce your springs with Katy Spring Manufacturer


Spring Testers at Katy Spring Put Your Springs to the Test
The Springs Manufacturer, Katy Springs, will uncover the life cycle of your steel spring through spring cycle testing.

Custom Metal Components
Complex custom metal components and custom formed springs, manufactured by Katy Spring & Mfg. Inc., ensure companies all across the world that Katy Spring has the complete capability to fulfill any manufacturing and/or design requirement.

Steel Spring Manufacturer
Steel Spring Manufacturer Katy Springs is the integrity driven spring manufacturer that provides custom formed metal components including extension springs, wire forms, metal springs, compression and torsion springs to meet each individual business need.

Compression Springs and Custom Springs for Global Companies
Compression springs and custom springs for global companies is delivered with outstanding service by Houston springs manufacturer, Katy Spring & MFG, Inc.

Music Wire Springs
Music wire springs and various other wire forms such as clips, pins, springs, rings, hooks, and wire racks to name a few, are manufactured by Katy Spring & MFG.

Torsion Spring & Compression Spring: Fast Response Time
Torsion Spring & Compression Spring: Fast response time is received by all who contact Katy Spring & MFG for torsion spring, compression spring, and wire form information and design services at (281) 391-1888.

Compression Springs: Houston Springs Manufacturer
Compression Springs: Houston springs manufacturer, Katy Spring & MFG, Inc. is an ISO certified, full service custom metal forming, supplying companies all across the globe with their formed spring and metal component needs.

Steel Spring Manufacturer: Complex Spring Design and Fast Delivery
Steel Spring Manufacturer: Complex spring design and fast delivery is provided by Katy Spring & MFG. Inc. to companies across the globe.

Torsion Spring Information From a Spring Manufacturer
The basic design of torsion springs means that they exert pressure along a circular path—in other words, they provide torque.

Houston Spring Manufacturers Provide the Best in Spring Load Testing Equipment
Every company that uses commercial springs needs to consider obtaining spring load testing equipment.

Coil Springs: A Vital Component of Valve Parts
Spring manufacturers will often work closely with the valve industry, because coil springs are an important component of valve parts.

Your Garage Door Spring: How Coil Springs Function as a Counter-Balance
A torsion spring is often used as a garage door spring and works by torsion—or twisting—a flexible object that stores mechanical energy when it is in the twisted position.

Katy Spring’s Membership Benefits the Customer
The Spring Manufacturers Institute has been assisting spring producers and distributors since 1933.

Custom Formed Compression and Extension Springs
Springs come in a wide variety of diameters, shapes and materials, but often times a rare hard to find spring is required to complete a project.

Safety Stock Programs Reduce Inventory Dollars and Space
One of the most difficult challenges facing managers today is being able to reduce inventory costs while increasing customer service levels.

Why Buy From an ISO Certified Spring Company?
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the world's largest developer and publisher of international standards.

Custom Coil Springs-
3 Reasons You should be Thankful Springs Exist

They are all around you, and chances are you don't even know it.

Think Twice Before Shopping for Springs Overseas
Katy Spring & Manufacturing has been custom making springs for industries of all types for the past several years in Katy, Texas located on the outskirts of Houston.

On-Time Delivery, Quality, Service and Price Guarantee - Essential Elements for Satisfied Repeat Customers
While customer service is the simplest, most obvious way to retain customers, it is also the most overlooked.

Custom Spring Manufacturer- Benefits of Buying from Manufacturer
Most people purchase their metal products from wholesalers and other middlemen. They are attracted to the large inventory and wholesale prices. However, by purchasing metal from a wholesaler, they are missing out on many of the benefits of dealing directly with the custom spring manufacturer.

Compression, Extension and Torsion Springs



Please send inquiries to: sales@katyspring.com
Ph. 281-391-1888

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