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Archive for April, 2007

Katy Spring -a Message from Scott Pitney; President, Katy Spring & Manufacturing

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

You will be very satisfied when you experience the benefits of doing business with Katy Spring. Our company philosophy is to be the easiest spring manufacturing company to conduct business with, and the results speak for themselves. Our customer performance ratings are a proven method by which Katy Springs performance is measured year after year. We know were not perfect, so we strive to always provide more to our customers.

Who wants to save money? Everyone of course! Katy Spring guarantees that we will make every effort to provide the most competitive pricing and do our part to help contribute to your companys healthy bottom line. Estimates are free from Katy Spring. We also can save our customers time and money by providing spring design assistance which can lead to spring solutions!

Do you want to save money?
Do you want better service?
Do you need help now?
Do you have €œhow-to€ spring design questions?
Do you like working with people who love what they do?
Do you like working with people that have fun doing what they do?
Do you like hearing new and innovative ideas?
Is quick turnaround both in service and delivery important to you?
Is working with a company that makes safety the number one priority for their employees important to you?

If the answered is €œyes€ to any of these questions, than Katy Spring is the right spring company for you.

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Katy Spring & Manufacturing Can Assist Customers with Solving Spring Failures

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

Spring failures (breakage) can occur due to a variety of reasons; stress, tool marks, wire imperfections, to name a few. Katy Spring has been examining spring failures and making recommendations to customers for years that can prevent recurrence. One issue looked at frequently is the spot of the fracture or failure of the spring. Many times tool marks or wire imperfections are blamed for the cause of compression spring failure, however it is common for compression springs to initially break on the ID of the spring.

The reason compression springs break on the ID is attributed to direct shear stress and wire curvature. When a compression spring deflects there is a rotational stress placed on the wire also known as torsion shear stress. The maximum stress on the wire when a compression spring deflects is on the surface of the wire. The torsion stress is applied to the inner diameter of the wire and is opposite to the applied force of the outer diameter of the wire.

Springs that break, normally break on the ID of the compression spring or extension spring because of direct shear stress on the ID and spring curvature.

Springs that breaks initiate on the spring OD are usually the result of abuse or material defect.


Katy Spring Can Offer Assistance With DFARS

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

DFARS (The Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement) requires certain goods, such as springs, to be manufactured in the U.S… The purpose of DFARS is to ensure an adequate supply of manufactured goods (like springs and wire forms) come form U.S. manufacturers and to avoid dependence on foreign manufacturers.

Recently, amendments to DFARS were enacted by Congress that required certain metals, purchased by the Department of Defense, to restrict spring materials to having certain chemical content which applied to spring manufacturers. These new enactments caused spring and wire form manufacturers, along with their wire vendors to meet the new U.S. government compliances for those spring components requiring DFARS. Katy Spring can assist customers in meeting DFARS compliances for a particular requirement. If the end user requires a spring to be DFARS compliant, Katy Spring along with Katy Spring wire vendors can assist with those DFARS requirements as well.

Spring manufacturers who do business with customer’s end users being the Department of Defense will have to comply with DFARS requirements. There will be challenges with higher spring material prices and longer spring material lead times for those spring components requiring DFARS.