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Katy Spring Four Elements of Marketing

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008


Our physical product produced is springs and wire forms made to the specifications of our customers. So that potential customers and customers have a better understanding of our capabilities, Katy Spring provides a photo presentation of springs and wire forms (products) we’ve produced for other customers via marketing media such as our website and brochures.


Katy Spring markets services all over the world. To that end we are a service company that manufactures our customer’s parts. In terms of marketing our services, we primarily advertise on the web, through manufacturer’s representatives (independent contract sales personnel) for national sales coverage, direct sales (sales personnel that work for the company directly) for local coverage and referrals.


For each custom order, the price is based on an estimate; the estimated cost we think it will take to make the customer’s part is the price Katy Spring quotes to the customer. Pricing is not a necessarily a “marketing tool”. Katy Spring informs its customers about potential cost savings with their associated spring and wire form components via our estimators and sales personnel. This can be accomplished in many ways, among them include, reengineering their current part to lower cost, sourcing their part with another manufacturer that has capabilities to manufacture the part faster, or finding more efficient ways to produce parts through trial and error.


Katy Spring promotes through e-mail and direct mail campaigns. The key to promotion is to make sure the material gets into the hands of an influencer or decision maker. We’ve found by test marketing, marketing material sent via mail to a department, not a person is very ineffective. Katy Spring views a promotional e-mail or mail campaign as a name-awareness campaign. The idea is to keep our name in front of decision makers at least 3-4 times a year. Some of the marketing material may sometimes contain business-related information; many times it’s just interesting or funny material, not related to business.

Belleville Washers

Monday, February 11th, 2008

Belleville Washers

Belleville washers â„¢ are disc-shaped washers with a convex shape. They are used for spring applications where heavy forces are needed in small deflection areas. Different stacking methods and stack heights can be used to change the forces, along with altering the material type, size, OD and ID. Each washer within a stack should be considered as one coil, as with a compression spring design.

Designing Belleville washers can be complicated due to the many variables that can change within Belleville Washer design curves. The manufacturing process of Belleville washers can be costly, requiring more complex tooling than compression springs. Companies that specialize in Belleville Washers stock numerous sizes. In order to save money in design, prototype and production cost, it is recommended that these companies that specialize in Belleville washer production should be consulted first as a source for Belleville washers prior to seeking a specially designed Belleville washer. If a specially designed Belleville washer is required, Katy Spring can help. Katy Spring can also assist customers in sourcing Belleville washer suppliers that stock Belleville washers.

Basic Spring Design Methods

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

In order to change load by changing wire size, the basic compression and extension spring formulas for spring manufacturers and spring designers is:
Rate= Modulus times wire diameter to the fourth power divided by eight 8 times the number of active coils times the mean diameter to the third power.
To double the spring rate the spring designer first changes the spring wire size, doubling the D4 number for a given spring wire size.