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Katy Spring Extension Springs

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Extension Springs
Extension springs are closed-coiled helical springs that extend under a pulling force. Many design considerations must be made with extension springs including; initial tension, stress and deflection of hooks, hook end types.

There are a variety of extension spring end types. Machine loop and hook over center, side loop, full loop over center, no hook, extended hook, hook end with swivel, v-hook over center, double twisted full loop over center, and many more.

A hook is open to fit over a projection; a loop is a closed hook. A regular machine hook or loop is made on an automatic looper and is the least expensive and often is the most satisfactory type. Hook stresses can be reduced by reducing hook diameter, using swivel hooks (which can be expensive) and minimizing sharp radius bends.

Initial tension is the force which presses the coils of a closed-wound extension coils together. Initial tension is the force needed to open these coils. Initial tension can be wound into cold-coiled extension springs made from hard-drawn or oil-tempered wires only, such as music wire, 300 series stainless steel, phosphorous-bronze, Monel, Inconel, and their pre-hardened materials.

Several methods for designing extension springs can be used. The easiest is to contact Katy Spring with parameters including; force needed, space limitations, free length, outside diameter, initial tension, and working environment. Force calculations can easily be made using spring design software.

Katy Spring: 7 Steps to Simplify Your Business:

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

From Springs magazine, Fall 2009, Volume 48 Number 4

7 Steps to Simplify Your Business:

1. Identify at least one important process within your business. Perhaps it is sales method, or manufacturing processes. Alternatively, choose an important project within your business.
2. List every step in the process or project.
3. Identify every person in the process or project.
4. How can the process or project be collapsed? Which steps can be eliminated? Why will it work? How can it be achieved? Try to reduce the number of steps by 30%; then try to reduce more.
5. How can the process or project be consolidated by the number of people involved. Who will be removed? Why will it work? How can it be achieved?
6. What actions can be taken immediately?
7. Take action.

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