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Nested Compression Springs | Katy Spring

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Nested Compression Springs


A nested compression spring is a compression spring that fits inside of another compression spring to achieve more force.  Many automotive valve springs are nested as well as suspension compression springs on railroad cars.

Obviously, one compression spring needs to be smaller than the other compression spring, nut the other thing to remember is that they have to wound in opposite directions.

For example, if the outside spring is left-hand wound, the inside spring needs to be right-hand wound.

The other thing to keep in mind is clearance.  Remember when a compression spring deflects, its outside diameter expands.  Room need to be allowed for the inside compression spring to expand.

Spring Materials | Spring Manufacturer

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012
Spring Materials

The first thing to consider when designing a compression springs, torsion springs or extension springs is to ask if the spring wire size exists.

There are common spring wire sizes as well as special sizes, made-to-order which can be expensive. The common sizes are available within the intervals ranging from a couple of thousandths of an inch to sixteenths of inches for the larger sizes.

Spring wire can be bought in two forms; coils and straightened- and-cut bars. Coils are the most cost-effective forms to purchase spring wire in and are available in stainless and carbon spring steel. Spring material in coils is generally sold by the pound.  The coils range from twelve inches to ten feet in diameter and generally require large storage space and special equipment for handling the larger spring material coils.

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Precise Compression Spring Requirements | Compression Springs

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Precise Compression Spring Requirements

Compression springs are the backbone of the spring manufacturing industry.  Many people think of compression springs used in valves and automotive suspension for vehicles, there are countless more applications that require precise compression springs.

The rapid development in automotive and other technology,  does not surpass the spring manufacturing industry. Tighter tolerances, less available space and higher compression spring loads have pushed spring development a step further.

A PTP spring-coiling finger is just one tool in supporting the spring manufacturer in producing precision compression springs at a zero ppm level.

This new technology has not been implemented with wave springs.  Knowledge of the friction among the wave spring coils has not been investigated extensively.



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