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Compression Spring Supplier 2014

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Katy Spring is your source for your compression spring supplier 2014.   Contact Katy Spring:


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Ph. 281-391-1888

Compression springs 2014

Compression springs 2014

Compression springs 2014

Compression springs 2014

Katy Spring can assist customers with compression coil springs

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

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Please send inquiries to:
Ph. 281-391-1888


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Press Release 1-12-14


Today Katy Spring has 45 electrically-powered machines that coil, form, bend, and cut metal into an endless variety of shapes and sizes, custom manufactured to their 700 plus customers(727 served in 2013) specifications who are located worldwide, serving a vast number of industries.  And like in the aforementioned scenario; Katy Spring too, started with one machine and one employee.


Katy Spring is a full service manufacturer and can assist customers with compression coil springs, auto compression springs, transmission compression springs, garage door extension springs, heavy duty extension springs, extension springs with hooks, stainless steel extension springs


heavy duty long compression spring used in oil and gas industry

Compression springs 2014

heavy duty extension spring coated black2

extension springs with hooks