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Compression Spring terms:


stainless steel compression springs

stainless steel compression springs

Compression Spring terms:


Active Coils- the coils that deflect when a compression spring is under load.

Buckling the point at which a compression spring bends when a long, slender compression spring is under load.

Closed Ends- the point at the end of a compression spring where the end coils touch.

Closed and Ground End- same as closed ends except the ends of the compression spring is ground flat.

Closed Wound- the state in which a compression spring is coiled with all adjacent coils touching.

Deflection- motion of the compression spring when placed under load.

Elastic limit- the maximum amount that compression spring wire can be placed under load before the compression spring sets.

Endurance limit- the maximum compression spring material can operate indefinitely without failure during minimum stress.

Free length- the overall length of a compression spring under no load.

Frequency- the lowest rate of vibration for a compression spring while ends are held stationary.

Hysteresis- the amount of energy lost in a compression spring during cycling.

Mean diameter- the outside diameter of a compression spring minus one wire diameter.

Modulus- the coefficient in stiffness of a compression spring.

Open ends- the same pitch throughout a compression spring

Open ends ground- same as open ends but with ground ends

Permanent set- when a compression spring is deflected beyond its elastic limit as does not return to its original position.

Pitch- the distance of one wire mean to the adjacent wire mean in a compression spring.

Rate- the change in compression spring load between units of measure.

Set removal- compressing a compression spring to its solid height to achieve desired length and reduce elastic limit.

Set- permanent distortion caused by compressing a compression spring beyond its elastic limit.

Slenderness ration- ratio of length to mean diameter in a compression spring.

Solid height- the position of a compression spring when compressed, all adjacent coils are touching.

Spring Index- the ratio of mean coil diameter to wire diameter in a compression spring.

Squareness- the angular difference between a compression spring axis and plane ends.

Total coils- the number of active coils plus the inactive compression spring coils.

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