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Long Springs | Longest spring wire


Long Springs  | longest spring wire

Many times were asked in the spring manufacturing industry if we make long springs.  The longest spring we’ve ever made at Katy Spring is fifty feet.  That particular long spring was a fifty foot continuously-wound garter spring.  My answer to the question, “does Katy Spring manufacture long springs?” Is answered with a question…”what do you mean by long spring?”  It’s very important to ask questions that will allow the customer to describe what they need their “long spring” to accomplish.  This fact-finding mission is the beginning of the spring design process.  Spring design programs can tell spring manufacturers if a spring is too long.  It can advise spring designers if a long compression spring may buckle or the body length of a torsion spring is too long for a given space requirement.  Spring manufacturing machines have their limitations as well for manufacturing long springs.  A typical spring lathe can produce on average, a five-foot long spring.  Automatic mechanical spring winding machines and CNC spring winders can produce long compression or solid-wound springs up to fifty feet depending of the spring index and other variables.  Spring hand winders, he longest springs are under twelve inches in length.

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Large Compression springs 2013 | Large Springs

Large Compression springs 2013 | Large Springs

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