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April 10, 2012:
Katy Spring Announcement Katy Spring & Mfg., Inc. is pleased to announce the arrival of our newest CNC spring-making machine. Katy Spring will now have the capability to automatically manufacture springs and wire forms from .312” - .625,” dramatically increasing our capacity for larger wire sizes. Please contact Katy Spring today for additional information on this and all the latest in Katy Spring news: http://www.katyspring.com

From the Katy News, July 1, 2000

What's In A Spring?
A Thriving Manufacturing Business
Located In Katy
Provides "Common" Need

Katy Spring and Manufacturing is certainly one of the more interesting factory businesses that are in and around Katy. Located at 27502 Morton Ranch Road west of Old Katy, the
company manufactures and sells a wide variety of formed metal components, especially springs, wire forms, and stampings.

The year old business, owned by Scott Pitney and Mark West (a second generation spring maker) both Katy residents, is currently in its third expansion to meet business demand.

"The markets and variety of springs are endless, springs are everywhere. At any given moment you are probably wearing, or carrying in your purse or pocket or wallet, several items that have springs in them," said Scott Pitney.  One item manufactured by the company is a tiny spring that fits inside the spigot of commercial water coolers. Other products that are supported by Katy Spring include: carwash equipment, tarp and awning equipment, mechanical seals, a large variety of valves, and electronic components, to name a few.

All products are custom manufactured on site.  "All our products are custom products, made to the exact specifications of our customers," said West.  "In addition to delivering quality custom
products, we are committed to delivering our products on time and at a competitive price."

Formed metal components, compression springs manufacturer.




Please send inquiries to: sales@katyspring.com
Ph. 281-391-1888

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