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Solid Height Compression Spring Calculation

"Solid Height" is defined as the point where a compression spring can no longer move. The first step in determining a spring's solid height is whether the spring has ground (flat) or un-ground ends.

For springs with un-ground ends, the spring ends are calculated by 2 times the wire size for closed end springs. To calculate the solid height for an un-ground spring, take the wire size (d) times (number of total turns (N) + 1).

For springs with ground ends, typically about half the wire size is removed from both ends of the spring; therefore one whole wire size will be removed from the final calculated solid height. To calculate the solid height for ground springs, take the wire size (d) times (number of total turns).

Two factors to take into consideration, when calculating solid height are the wire tolerance and rate requirements. The wire manufacturer's tolerance can vary the actual solid height. Slightly thicker or thinner wire can cause the solid to vary when more or less material is added to each coil. If the spring manufacturer needs to vary the coil count to hit the required rate, this too can cause the solid height to be different than the calculated solid height.

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