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Welcome to Katy Spring:

Welcome to Katy Spring:

Custom Formed Spring & Metal Component Spring Manufacturer:

Katy Spring & Mfg., Inc. is an ISO certified, custom spring manufacturer, wire forming and metal components company.

Our emphasis and company philosophy is built on offering outstanding customer service.

We are a full-service manufacturer that can assist with compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, flat springs and wire forms in an endless variety of shapes, sizes, and material types.

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Katy Spring News:

Manufacturing Spring for the Medical Industry Part ll

Manufacturing springs for the medical industry requires tight-tolerance spring manufacturing methods.
Exotic spring-tempered materials such as Elgiloy ™ Inconel, Monel, and Hastelloy are use in the medical industry and are required in many medical spring applications. These types of materials can be found in all types of springs; compression springs, torsion springs, extension springs, flat springs, wire forms, as well as endless other types of spring-tempered forms.

Still many spring wire medical applications use three hundred series stainless steel spring wire. Stainless steel spring wire used in medical applications have special coatings, unlike the normal soap coating used to lubricate spring wire so that it runs through the spring coilers with less friction. The very small-diameter spring wire used in medical applications are diamond drawn which lubricates, but with no soap or lubricant chemicals.
These types of medical products these springs are used in include and are not limited to; pacemakers, pill dispensers, medical pumps, hearing and sight aids, implants, prosthetics, implants and , guidewires.

Guidewires are an interesting medical spring application. Guidewires are placed into arteries and veins to reach a specific organ such as the heart or liver. Guidewires are rigid which is why they are spring tempered, to allow doctors to maneuver them around vessels. The FDA is very involved with the approval of using guidewire devices. Strict guidelines are enforced with using guidewires not only by the FDA, but also by doctors themselves.
It takes specialized spring manufacturing personnel and a spring manufacturing facility to manufacture the sterile medical spring products. The very small spring wire requires patience by the operators of the spring manufacturing equipment, as well as clean rooms needed for sterilized spring manufacturing. Medical springs require specialized packaging for most applications as well as specialized assembly such as laser welding.

Medical spring manufacturing is not something that a spring manufacturer decides to do overnight. Much must be considered to enter into the medical spring manufacturing market.


Katy Spring is your Spring Manufacturer | Custom Spring Manufacturer company

Compression springs:

compression spring is an open coil helical spring that offers resistance to compressive force applied axially. Compression springs are commonly coiled as a constant diameter cylinder, below are several types of compression springs including:

These are used individually or in conjunction with each other. Round wire is predominant in compression springs because it is readily available and adaptable to standard coiler tooling.

Extension Springs:

Extension springs are closed-coiled helical springs that extend under a pulling force. Many design considerations must be made with extension springs including; initial tension, stress and deflection of hooks, hook end types. 

There are a variety of extension spring end types. Machine loop and hook over center, side loop, full loop over center, no hook, extended hook, hook end with swivel, v-hook over center, double twisted full loop over center, and many more.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are helical springs that exert a torque or rotary force and are subject to bending stresses. Torsion springs should always wind up from the free position - never to unwind from the free position. As they wind up, torsion springs reduce in diameter and their length becomes longer. Such springs should be supported over a rod whenever possible. Some spacing should remain between coils to minimize friction which can alter torque and deflection. 

Flat Springs

Flat springs are used to keep forces within restricted space conditions. Several materials are used including flat, high carbon spring steel, phosphor-bronze, beryllium-copper, stainless steel, nickel-silver and high-nickel specialty alloys. Formulas used to design flat springs involve small deflections, never more than 25% of the spring free length. Katy Spring can assist customers with the sometimes complicated designs of these types of springs, also known as beam designs.